FAQ – Zumba

Where do you run your classes?
We run classes all over the South & West Yorkshire area currently including Barnsley, Wakefield, Leeds, Doncaster & Pontefract. We’re constantly adding new locations though so please take a look at our Class Timetable.

What days and times are your classes?
We run classes on various days and time throughout the South and West Yorkshire. Please see our Class Timetable to find a session that fits in your schedule.

How much are your classes?
All our Zumba classes are £4.50 each.

Do you offer any monthly/block booking packages?
We are currently revising our block packages and will announce on our blog when we have completed this.

What do I need to wear?
Wear clothing that won’t restrict your movements and that you don’t mind getting sweaty in! Please make sure you wear supportive fitness trainers and not dance shoes or pumps as Zumba is a dance fitness class.

Is your class suitable for beginners?
Absolutely! Zumba is all about having fun & keeping fit. You can take the class at your own pace – as long as you enjoy the class, we’re happy!

Do you teach Zumba for Corporate organisations, community organisations or charity events?
We’ve done many corporate events and community sessions so we would be happy to help you out. Please contact us using our Contact page giving us details of your event, how long you require our instructors and what your budget is and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Do your classes run on bank holidays/school holidays etc?
Our classes as a general rule always run throughout school holidays – for any classes held on school premises please keep checking our website for updates. We don’t run any classes on Bank Holidays.

Do I need to book a place or can I just turn up?
All our Zumba classes are on a “pay as you go” basis so feel free to turn up when you want to boogie!

I’m really unfit/overweight will I be ok in the class?
Of course! Feel free to take the class at your own pace. Zumba is all about the fun factor and our class participants are fab and friendly so no need to worry!

Is Zumba just for women?
Not at all! The creator of Zumba, Beto, is a man! Zumba is for everybody!

Do you run Zumba training courses?
Unfortunately not. To become a licensed Zumba Instructor please contact the Zumba Fitness company.

FAQ Bootcamp

Do I get my money back if I don’t drop a dress size?
If you’ve followed our plan to the letter and abided by our terms and conditions (available for you to view before you book) then yes absolutely!

I’m on another diet plan/ part of a slimming group can I still follow that diet whilst doing Bootcamp?
No – we have our own nutrition plan as part of Fearless Female Bootcamp and following this is the only way we can guarantee your results!

Do I need to attend all 3 sessions each week?
Yes – it’s an “all or nothing” program. If you skip sessions or duck out early before the sessions are over you jeopardise your results.

I can only attend 2 sessions per week can I join at a discounted rate?
Unfortunately not. We need you to attend every session each week.

Can I mix and match between morning and evening sessions?
As we have extremely limited spaces on our bootcamps that sell out very quickly we don’t have the capacity to offer “session switching”. The only way you’d be able to swing this would be to book and pay for a place on each camp!

I have an injury/mobility problem or illness that would prevent me from performing certain exercises can I still sign up?
It would really depend on what sort of restriction this would place on you. If you have to avoid high impact we can 9 times out of 10 work around this. Please contact us to discuss this further if you are unsure.

If you have had a major operation or given birth within the last 6 weeks you need to wait until your healthcare provider gives you clearance to exercise again. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01226 610066.

Where are your bootcamps held and what times?
You can find details of the days and times of our bootcamps on our Venues/Times page.

I’m on holiday for a week during your next Bootcamp can I still join up?
I’m afraid not. We require you to attend all bootcamp sessions so we can guarantee that you will drop a dress size on the program. Keep your eyes peeled for the next one!

I can’t make a week of the next Bootcamp can I use the 3 sessions in the next Bootcamp?
No – all sessions paid for must be used within the same bootcamp.