Kettlercise – A Review


by Hannah Mosley

Kettlercise is a group based exercise session using a piece of equipment called a kettlebell. It differs from normal kettlebell training by participants using light weights in a group class format rather than heavy weights. Rather than targeting one area this class works every single muscle, giving an all over body workout and encourage fat burning, this is a definite way to change your body shape. This workout incorporates work on core stability, cardio and muscular endurance.

Kettlebells have been used throughout history even dating back to ancient Greece and Rome, people would use cooking/kettle pots filled with stones in athletics competitions. They were then used in Russia, firstly for measuring amounts and goods in the market place and then as people realised the handle made it easier to train and compete they became more popular in fitness and sport.

When I first started training with kettlebells it was in a gym format and I did get a good workout but didn’t really fully enjoy using them in this environment, when put next to all the heavy weights and with no-one showing you how to use them correctly the whole thing can be quite intimidating. Therefore when I heard about Kettlercise I was at first confused at how this can be put into a class format and then intrigued. So I did a class and it was great, I worked up a real sweat and felt I’d work my whole body. There were 37 different exercises done for a minute at a time targeting every muscle group. This was a much better way to incorporate kettlebells into a workout, the technique didn’t take too long to get with the weights being much easier to manage due to the handle and the instructor demonstrating and instructing throughout.

I decided I enjoyed Kettlercise so much it would be great to pass onto other people and teach, so I passed my course and Foxy Fitness have now added Kettlercise to their class timetable.

I’ve seen people really improve their body shapes through doing these classes and rather than being intimidated by the heavy weights in the gym they get a fun, relaxed atmosphere and brilliant workout.

I was a fan of Kettlercise before I took the course and now I am an instructor and have the knowledge I really see how this class gets results, I can’t wait to get started on classes!  Hope to see you guys there!

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Bev Hutchinson
Bev Hutchinson

I thoroughly enjoy the kettlecise class. You know you have had a good workout at the end of the class. I enjoy it so much I've signed up for the next 6 sessions.


That's fantastic Bev - we are thrilled you're loving the new class! Another class is coming soon!