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Hi Everyone!

Happy Valentines Day!

I hope you are having a great day (especially now the weekend is nearly here!).

Just a quick one to let you know the next round of Kettlercise starts next week on Tuesday 18 and Wednesday 19 February 2014.

Kettlercise is a high energy, fat burning and body firming workout using a kettlebell. If you want to get fitter and tone up this class is perfect for you.

You can read more about it, watch a video of the class and book your place here: http://www.foxy-fitness.com/what-we-offer/kettlercise.

Just to finish off we would like to thank you to each and every one of you who ventured out in the horrible weather this week – you guys were superstars and we truly appreciate your efforts!

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Hi Everyone

Firstly – huge apologies for the last minute post with this.  This week has been somewhat crazy and this is the first chance we’ve been able to communicate this to you on the website and via email.

Changes to the next round of SHRED

Our next round of SHRED starts Monday but we have a new venue and a slight time change for the class.  SHRED will now run every Monday at 7:45pm at the new venue, Valley Community Centre (next to the Police Station in Cudworth).  Those of you who have been coming a while will know this was our old Zumba venue on Wednesday nights.

There is still time to get yourself booked on for an awesome fat burning workout – simply head to our SHRED page and book on via PayPal.  Please make sure you are booked on 24 hours before the class.

Fitness Pilates from February 2014

As you all know we have been running taster sessions for Fitness Pilates at £4 every Thursday evening for the whole of January.  From February 2014 we now have 2 options in place for the class.  If you wish to continue paying £4 per session you will be required to book a 6 week block to secure the lower price (£24 in total).

However, we recognise that some of you work shifts and sometimes cannot make 1 or 2 sessions in the block so we have added a Pay-As-You-Go option for this class at £5 per session.  You will still need to book your spot each week as space is limited and priority will be given to those booking the 6 week blocks.  You can read more about this and book on, on the Fitness Pilates page.

That’s all the important info for now!  Myself and Hannah will see you in class! :0)

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Hey everyone!

First of all Happy New Year!  I hope you have had a lovely Christmas and New Year with your families – I know I certainly welcomed the downtime!  I must say though, I am getting ever so slightly fed up of all the chocolate in the house (I could open a sweet shop with the stash we’ve accumulated!) and I am itching to get back into routine now!  Are you feeling the same?

As usual we have some fantastic classes for you all to get back into the swing of things and shed the extra choccie pounds that may have crept on over the festive season!  There are a few important changes so please do read on so you don’t miss anything.

  • Firstly, the price of our Zumba classes has changed.  It is now £4.50 per session effective from 1st Jan 2014.  Fit Passes are currently not available whilst we rejig this. 
  • Next up, in December of last year we did announce a venue change for the Monk Bretton Zumba – this is just a reminder for you all – it is now at the Church near the Norman Pub – check out the timetable for full details.
  • Fitness Pilates has returned!  It will now be on a Thursday night straight after the Hemsworth Zumba class – again check the timetable for full details.  For January ONLY it will be a drop in class at £4 per session.  This will give you all a chance to give it a try and see how you like it.  Then from February 2014 it will run on the 6 week block basis as before.
  • Kettlercise kicks off again Tuesday 7th and Wednesday 8th January.  We now have a Kettlebell hire option so do check out the details and why not give it a try?! www.foxy-fitness.com/what-we-offer/kettlercise
  • Finally, SHRED will kick off again on Monday 6 January.  This is a 4 week block of classes designed to give you maximum results in minimal time.  It is £19 for the 4 week block and booking is required prior to attending.  You can book your slot here: www.foxy-fitness.com/what-we-offer/shred

One final thing to take note of.  We have made a slight amendment to our booking process.  For SHRED, Kettlercise and Fitness Pilates you are able to book your slot by cash (paying in a class before the start) or by PayPal using your credit/debit card.  These options are still available but bookings for all courses must be made and paid in full AT LEAST 24 hours prior to the start of the course.  Bookings made after this time (or anyone turning up on the night) may be turned away.  I know this may seem a little harsh but we have to plan classes and complete admin behind the scenes prior to classes and last minute bookings can make things difficult sometimes.  We hope you understand :0)

Looking forward to seeing you when we start back on Monday 6th!!!

Nikki x

Please note: Effective from Monday 9 December the Zumba class in Monk Bretton with Hannah will be moving to a new venue at St Paul’s Church, Monk Bretton (near the Norman Pub). The class time is the same at 6:15pm – 7:15pm.

Classes in December:

Week commencing 9th December: All classes running as normal

Week commencing 16th December:
Monday – Zumba in Monk Bretton with Hannah & SHRED
Tuesday – Zumba in Mapplewell with Nikki
Thursday – Zumba in Hemsworth with Hannah

All classes start back Monday 6th January 2014.

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RihannaEven though it doesn’t seem like 2 minutes ago we were in flip flops and waving the kids back off to school, here we are almost ready to pull on the scarves and gloves and head out to Bonfire Night!  This can only mean one thing: Christmas will soon be upon us!

If you still haven’t really got started on getting in shape for little black dress (or tux if you’re a guy!) season this is now the last chance for you to make any great difference to that situation!

noexcuses pic

Our last blocks of SHRED and Kettlercise start at the beginning of November and are the perfect way to burn fat and shed inches for that gorgeous outfit you have hanging in your wardrobe (or maybe you’ve admired them in the window of your favourite shop?!).  Yes we know the nights have got dark and it’s really, really cold outside but the reality of it is a 1 hour workout is 4% of your day – that’s nothing!

Last Monday our SHREDers were feeling the Monday blues and the winter blues all combined.  They had no energy and really wanted to go home and curl up in a onesie!  As always we put them through their paces and motivated them through the workout and when they were asked at the end – “Do you feel better for working out?  Do you feel energised?”  Every single one of them said “YES” and went out in a much happier mood!!!  The hardest part is honestly this: putting on your trainers.

So we’ll see you in November right?!

Kettlercise – next round 5th & 6th November – BRAND NEW option to hire a kettlebell at class rather than bring your own!

SHRED – next round 11th November!

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Hey Girls

Our next round of Bootcamp is available to book – it’s the perfect time to get started preparing for Little Black Dress season.  In just 4 weeks you can really kick start your weight loss goals!  Take a look what Emma achieved below!


I’m sure you’ll agree she did a phenomenal job in just 4 weeks!

To book your spot simply head to http://www.foxy-fitness.com/what-we-offer/bootcamp

**PLEASE NOTE – you must be registered by Friday 11 October at 5pm**


Audrey took part in Fearless Female Bootcamp in July 2013 and in just 4 weeks achieved some incredible results!  Audrey we are so incredibly proud of you – well done!  Take a look at her pictures and what she has to say below:

Meet Audrey


Before I joined Fearless Female Bootcamp I was already quite an active person attending Kettlercise and Zumba but I just couldn’t seem to lose weight.  My main aim with joining Bootcamp was to lose weight.  The Bootcamp sessions were tough but Nikki & Hannah got the whole group through it and I got some great results.  All the girls on Bootcamp are fantastic and really supportive!  I lost over a stone in weight after my first 4 weeks and completely transformed my figure.  If you are serious about losing weight you NEED to join!  It really is money well spent!


If your clothes are feeling a bit too snug after a summer of excess and you want to get yourself back into a healthy routine we’re starting another round of Bootcamp on Monday 16 September 2013 – you too could have some amazing results in just 4 weeks like Audrey!  Book your slot by Friday 13 September 2013 here – Fearless Female Bootcamp.


Hi Everyone!

Bootcamp is storming Barnsley!

We’ve had an amazing 2 weeks with our girls on Bootcamp – they have done a phenomenal job and been a pleasure to work with.

In just 2 weeks we’ve had losses of up to 10lbs for some of the girls and losses of over 10 inches too – that is just INCREDIBLE!

The best part is there is still 2 weeks left – can you imagine what else they can achieve in that time?!  We are so excited to see their before and after pictures for sure!!!

Fancy joining our Kettlercise class?!

Well now you can!  We’re taking on some newbies for our new intake that starts next week on Tuesday & Wednesday in Mapplewell and Shafton.

It’s £24 for the 6 weeks and you need to bring your own Kettlebell.  You can find out more info here: http://www.foxy-fitness.com/what-we-offer/kettlercise

Wednesday’s Zumba @ Shafton is ON!!!!

Nikki told everyone on Wednesday that this week’s Zumba at Shafton would be cancelled.

Since Wednesday night Zumba is now able to go ahead and shall be on as usual!

Nikki will be there waiting to boogie with you all so come along so she’s not lonely ;0)  See you all at 7pm at Shafton ALC!

Class Timetable – August 2013


6:15pm – 7:15pm ZUMBA Fitness @ St Helen’s Primary School, Monk Bretton, S71 2PS

8:00pm – 8:45pm SHRED @ Shafton ALC School, Shafton, S72 8RE
**PLEASE NOTE: Booking is required for this class - click here for more details**


6:10pm – 6:55pm Fearless Female Bootcamp @ St Johns Church Hall, Mapplewell, S75 6GU
**PLEASE NOTE: Booking is required for this class - click here for more details**

7:00pm – 8:00pm ZUMBA Fitness @ St Johns Church Hall, Mapplewell, S75 6GU

8:05pm – 8:55pm Kettlercise @ St Johns Church Hall, Mapplewell, S75 6GU
**PLEASE NOTE: Booking is required for this class – click here for more details**


7:00pm – 8:00pm ZUMBA Fitness @ Shafton ALC School, Shafton, S72 8RE

8:05pm – 8:55pm Kettlercise @ Shafton ALC School, Shafton, S72 8RE
**PLEASE NOTE: Booking is required for this class – click here for more details**


6:30pm – 7:30pm ZUMBA Fitness @ Hemsworth Town Council Community Centre, WF9 4LH

8:00pm – 8:45pm Fearless Female Bootcamp @ Shafton ALC School, Shafton, S72 8RE
**PLEASE NOTE: Booking is required for this class - click here for more details**


Currently no classes running on Fridays.


11:15am – 12:15pm
 Fitness Pilates @ Monk Bretton (Silverdale) Community Centre, S71 2PP
**PLEASE NOTE: Booking is required for this class – click here for more details**


Currently no classes running on Sundays.

See you soon everyone! :0)

Nikki & Hannah xx

Host a class with Nikki in August and grab yourself a free Palm Balm hand cream worth £18.50!Email for more details!

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Hi Everyone!

Bootcamp is back!

After an overwhelming response to our last email and Facebook post we have decided to bring back Fearless Female Bootcamp.  The camp will start week commencing 22 July 2013 and there are a few different options for you to check out – read all about them here: www.foxy-fitness.com/what-we-offer/bootcamp

If you like the idea of a challenging fitness class but don’t want to commit to multiple nights per week or if you don’t like the sound of following a nutrition plan etc you can join our brand new SHRED class on Monday nights at 8pm at £19 for a 4 week booking.  The first class kicks off Monday 22 July 2013 – get more details & book at www.foxy-fitness.com/what-we-offer/shred

Our Saturday morning Fitness Pilates is also taking on a few new participants due to some spaces opening up – if you fancy a fantastic core workout designed to strengthen and tone your midsection then why not give it a try?  You’ve got nothing to lose but inches!  Check out the details and book here: www.foxy-fitness.com/what-we-offer/fitness-pilates

See you soon everyone! :0)

Nikki & Hannah xx

Host a class with Nikki in July or August and grab yourself a free Palm Balm hand cream worth £18.50!Email for more details!
Keep an eye on your water intake by using hair bobbles around your bottle, take a bobble off for every 500ml you drink until you hit your target! A good target is 5 bobbles = 2.5 litres :0)

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Our next course of Fitness Pilates classes is starting Saturday 20 April 2013. If you want a workout that will improve your posture, strengthen your abdominals and really work the waist this class is perfect for you!

Head to www.foxy-fitness.com/what-we-offer/fitness-pilates to book your place at the class today! :0)

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